About Us

Blue Barn Consulting was established in 2008, and is proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

Since its inception, Blue Barn has built a talented team of professional engineering and project management specialists with office in Auckland. We provide professional services for a wide variety of private and public sector clients across a broad range of infrastructure, land development, structural design, parks and transportation sectors.

The Blue Barn team offers a combination of world-class technical expertise, proven successful project delivery experience and significant knowledge of local laws and regulations. We strive to provide innovative, yet cost effective solutions as we recognise the importance of high quality outputs being delivered on time and on budget.

Our core value and the ethos we operate under as a company is “people matter”. We apply this core value across the board, to our clients, our suppliers, our partners, even the people we pass in the street, but most importantly to our staff, our people are the key in what we do and how we do it.

How we came to be…

In the 1980s, two energetic and ambitious young men, Matt and Phil, set out on their journey to make a difference in the world and began studying engineering; launching their successful careers in the engineering industry in New Zealand and abroad.

Over the years, Matt and Phil flatted together, travelled together, played in bands together, and attended each other’s weddings and family events. Surprisingly, they had never worked together until the creation of Blue Barn.

Where does the name “Blue Barn” come from? Before they joined forces, Phil’s contracting entity was dubbed “Blueprint7 Limited”, and Matt’s was called “Barnabas Professional Services Limited”. When the idea of working together became a reality, it made sense to join the two names somehow (and “Barnie’s Blues” didn’t sound quite right). And so…