About Us

How we came to be…

In the 1980s, Matt and Phil (two keen young men, both with full heads of hair, brimming with enthusiasm and a sense of adventure) set out on journeys to make a difference in the world and began studying engineering; launching their careers in the engineering industry in New Zealand and abroad.

Over the years, Matt and Phil flatted together, travelled together, played in bands together, and attended each other’s weddings and family events. Surprisingly, they had never worked together until the creation of Blue Barn – a business born from their two trading entities, Barnabas and Blueprint 7.

When the idea of working together came along, it made sense to join the two names somehow.  “Barnie’s Blues” didn’t sound quite right, and so…

Blue Barn Consulting was established in 2008.

Since those early days, Blue Barn has built a talented team of professional engineers led by some of New Zealand’s leading-lights and headquartered in Auckland.

We have worked throughout New Zealand, in Samoa, The Cook Islands and as far afield as India.

Our clients include some of the bluest of Blue-Chip organisations in the country and we have had the privilege of working on some of NZ’s largest and, in our humble opinion, coolest projects.

Matt has left Blue Barn to pursue a calling in church work and remains firm friends with Phil. 

Phil (without the full crop of hair, nowadays) is the CEO of Blue Barn and continues to build on the foundation laid by the “two keen young men” over 10 years ago.

Blue Barn works in the Transport, Roading, Land Development, Parks and Structural sectors of New Zealand’s built environment.

We are a 100% NZ-owned, values-driven and award-winning company. 

And, we’re not done yet.  “People Matter” is our core value and growing with good people is our passion.

Great clients and great Blue Barners building New Zealand together – it’s our dream, and our reality.

Learn more about our leadership team here.