Stephen Brinkman

Technical Director | Structures 021 546 715 download v-card

Your most interesting projects / accomplishments?

I have had the opportunity to work on projects of all shapes and sizes covering most areas of the structural engineering industry.  I have worked on buildings and bridges, industrial and power structures as well as tanks and seismic restraints.  My projects have involved new build, alterations, assessment and strengthening.  Interesting for me is not related necessarily to scale but about challenge.

The Olympic Park pedestrian bridge is only an 18m long structure, but the process of achieving the final outcome was both a challenge and rewarding.  It began with a local sculptor as the designer of an “art bridge” and learning about his desires for the project to challenge each other on what could be achieved on the site.  The client wanted a landmark, but we had to deal with overhead high voltage power lines, disguising a sewer line and manholes, working in the river and around trees and crossing the boundary between two cities.  This is still one of my favourite projects.

What you love most about your job?

Variety and continuous learning have been what I have always enjoyed the most.  The best jobs are not necessarily related to scale or structural complexity but more in discovering new things, working with new people who have unique skills that I can learn from.

This may come in the form of specially designed aluminium helideck units with inbuilt drainage and fire suppression through to forensic analysis to find out why a milk tank imploded or how to support 18 floors of building over an 18m void.

Why you followed this career path?

I found my way into engineering by chance. It was at the end of high school when I realised that the subjects I excelled in lined up perfectly with the requirements for studying engineering.  As I learned about the world of engineering and about myself, I realised that I had discovered my true passion.

Your interests outside of work?

Family is a big part of life outside of work although I do enjoy a quiet weekend or time watching sport.  I Also enjoy a walk in the park, getting away from the city noises.

What or who motivates you?

Delivering great outcomes that address the needs and desires of the people involved in using the things I design and shaping the future of engineering.

Who do you love to work with?

I really enjoy working with, helping and mentoring younger engineers and seeing the lights come on as they learn new things and about themselves.  I love to work on projects together with other people who are passionate about achieving clever solutions to tricky problems.