Rodrigo Winkler

Director | Structural Engineering 021 756 871 download v-card

Your most interesting projects / accomplishments?

Very hard to pick one interesting project as I am lucky to have been part of many interesting and challenging ones since I came to NZ in 2004 and started to work in the Industrial + Oil and Gas sector. One of the jobs I will never forget was the installation of a mobile crane on one of NZ largest offshore installations. This had only been done once (before we did it) in Norway.  Our crane was heavier and bigger which meant that we managed to transport and install the biggest mobile crane ever deployed to an offshore installation. It was a very challenging project but I was part of a very creative and resourceful team.

 Another job that I also will never forget was the design of a 75 m freestanding scaffold, for which I was part of the team that won the Industrial Scaffold of the year award. It has a pretty special place in my heart.

What you love most about your job?

Interacting with people. Build teams and face challenging problems. The cherry on the cake? Smiling returning customers.

Why you followed this career path?

At school I was pretty good at maths and biology. I chose to study Civil/Structural Engineering because my mom wanted me to become a doctor! True story.   

Your interests outside of work?

I have a passion for photography, cooking and travelling. You will always find me planning a trip that may happen 5 years down the track. I also love snowboarding and getting my daughter to love it as well.

What or who motivates you?

I get motivated by people I can learn new things from, which is pretty much everybody!  

Who do you love to work with?

I love to work in a collaborative environment where everyone has the right to challenge anyone independent of the person’s position and experience.  In my years in the industry I found this is the best way we get out the best of everybody which has direct impact in the outcome of the projects