Lizette du Toit

Operations - Lead 021 146 0455 download v-card

Your most interesting projects / accomplishments?

The successful implementation and maintenance of ISO9001 international quality standard in an Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction as well as HR and Health Services environments since 2009.  The highlight was to pass each ISO implementation audit the first time with my last certification audit at Blue Barn completed with zero non-conformances.

Further, I was privileged to play a key role in educating, empowering and uplifting adult learners.  My strategic vision and knowledge of people assisted me to identify and guide them through career counselling, continuous motivation and facilitate training to enable them to obtain a qualification and to have the opportunity to achieve their full potential and improve their quality of life.

Developing a complete E-learning platform using Moodle, an open-source learning platform, to reach employees and contractors in local and remote areas in New Zealand.

What you love most about your job?

The diversity of my work that I do - no two days are the same. I thrive in developing processes which leads to increased efficiency and improve the working environment of my team.

Why you followed this career path?

I see engineering as a structured environment using mathematical and scientific principles to solve problems with an artistic flare.  During my career I was fortunate to be part of teams where we strategically planned and developed initiatives to find solutions from concept design to commissioning.  The engineering environment shaped the foundation of my interest in quality and quality processes.  The best of all was to add terrific people in the mix, all working towards a common goal.

Your interests outside of work?

Outside of work I enjoy activities with my family and friends such as camping, mountain bike riding, kayaking or just an old-fashioned charcoal BBQ.

What or who motivates you?

Completing a difficult project, and seeing it through to the end as well as coming up with creative ideas to improve something.

Who do you love to work with?

Energetic people with a positive attitude.