Phil Bull

Founder | Executive Director 027 533 3809 download v-card

Your most interesting projects / accomplishments?

I have had the thrill of working on one of the world’s biggest projects (the London Water Ring Main), life-changing projects (like water-supply in Samoa and sanitation on Smokey Mountain in The Philippines) and airside on two of New Zealand’s largest airports.  I have steered projects in drought-relief and tsunami-reconstruction.  I have led Blue Barn while we helped hundreds of families back into their homes after the Christchurch earthquake.  I have worked in England, Malaysia, New Zealand and throughout the Pacific Basin. 

But, by far and away, my biggest accomplishment has always been the growing of my “Blue Barners”.  I love nothing more than to see my workmates succeed and grow in their own careers and to see Blue Barn collect awards and plaudits from our peers and clients. 

What you love most about your job?

Success.  Commercial success.  Best Place to Work success.  Cool clients with cool projects.  Business growth and Strategic success.  So far, we are on track!

Why you followed this career path?

I got into engineering, because I saw  practical way to help people.  And we have been fortunate at Blue Barn to outwork this – from drought relief in India, to reconstruction after the Samoa tsunami to emergency response after the Christchurch earthquake. 

Your interests outside of work?

Right now I am learning French.  Mainly so I am not a boring person when I get older!  Some might say, “too late”! 

I love cooking.  Not that I am much cop.  But I try!  Right now my “killer” dish is a Beef Rendang. 

And travel.  And now I am sounding like a beauty contestant!

What or who motivates you?

I have made a habit of surrounding myself with “go-getters” and learning from others just a little further ahead in life’s journey.  A good friend will always be honest and help me see things I cannot see (or, don’t want to see!) on my own.

Who do you love to work with?

I love optimistic people.  I love inspirational people, people who do things that I aspire to do.